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Preventing Weight Gain at Fifty

by JOUAN MATTA (2020-05-10)

One of the most inevitable events in a woman's life is aging. In this process, numerous changes occur such as physical, mental, emotional and psychological. For most women in their golden years, weight gain is quite unstoppable.

At age fifty, weight gain is not a good condition. In order to understand how to deal with it, we have to look into the factors that contribute to weight gain. Changes in lifestyle, diet and body composition are the major triggers. These are the noticeable changes that happen to a woman's life as she gets older.

Causes of weight gain

There are numerous reason why people gain weight. Some factors are considered such as genes, gender, body type, etc. Generally speaking, there are factors left unrealized: lifestyle changes, diet and body composition.


Lifestyle changes involve changes in physical activities. For instance, a 30-year-old mother with 2 children has busier daily activities compared to 50-year-old-women. At fifty, there are less household chores to do resulting to a more relaxed environment. This change in lifestyle may result to a slower metabolic rate.

Slow metabolic rate indicates that the body is burning food energy slower than it should. Unprocessed food are converted to what most women hate - fat. With less physical activities, gaining more and more fat will absolutely lead to an enormous weight gain!


Change in diet is another factor that affects weight gain for women at age fifty. Doctors will advise healthier sets of food - more of this, less of that. This change in diet is expected to contribute in gaining extra weight every single year. Not to mention, the loss of appetite which may motivate the desire to eat unwanted food, which, in most cases, are food that keeps so much calories.

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Body Composition

Changes in body composition are triggered, usually, by genetic factor. If most of your relatives, especially the closer ones like your mother or father, were quite chubby, you are most likely to have the same body composition. Resurge It seems inevitable but with proper care, you can reduce the risk of being the same.

Menopause weight gain

Another trigger of weight gain is the inevitable event on every woman's life-menopause. Not only that it affects the physical and biological aspects of your life, but it also affects your emotional and psychological state of being. First, it drives the change in your body mass. You just can't seem to stop the growth of cellulite around your abdomen instead of your thighs and hips. Second, it affects the mood which tends the body to relax more. There will be situations when you would prefer to stay at home than socialize with old friends just like the good old times. This drives the accumulation of fat.

Preventing weight gain at menopause

I find it so interesting to think if there's any magic or trick in preventing or even reversing weight gain after menopause. The truth is, going back to fundamentals of weight management is the ultimate solution! Eat healthy. Eat right.


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