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Eating Natural Foods - If You Can Pronounce it, You Can Probably Eat It!

by JOUAN MATTA (2019-09-01)

I keep running into people who are talking about the importance of eating natural foods. Not foods that are low in fat or even low in calories, but foods that are made of ingredients you can pronounce.

I've been particularly interested in learning about eating healthy, natural foods because I'm a junk food addict and I know firsthand how bad for you processed foods can be. Natural Super Reds They make you bloated, uncomfortable, lethargic, and usually guilty about eating them in the first place. Regardless, many of us are so addicted to the way we feel while eating these foods that we ignore the impact they are having on our bodies.

The top offenders for me are Taco Bell, Burger King and Jack in the Box. I love these places. I can drive through and get my food without even standing up. It's cheap and to me, it's delicious. Cheesy, greasy goodness. But, my waste-line pays the price.

I'm not an advocate of paying close attention to how much you weigh. Life is short, food is yummy and there are more important things to obsess over than the way you look. However, if you keep having the go to the store to buy bigger and bigger pants, there might be a problem.

For example, I went up in my weight 20 pounds over the past two years. I also went up a few pant sizes, which was not only frustrating, but expensive. It's hard to wake up in the morning and realize you don't feel comfortable in any of your clothes because they're all too tight and binding. And I'm sick of buying new clothes!

So, I started looking for ways to change my habits and get healthier. Unfortunately, most people just tell you to take a pill or starve yourself. And I have an office job that requires me to sit all day, so becoming an exercise fanatic isn't an option either. Especially on the days when I also go to my second job.

I needed something easy to follow, inexpensive to implement, and sustainable. I can't lose a bunch of weight and then gain it all back. I need to change my lifestyle and get rid of the problem permanently.

What I discovered is that by eating all that fast food, I was actually making it so even when I ate less in quantity, I would still gain weight. My body couldn't process all the processed ingredients in the food.

Now, I actually eat more, feel hungry less and am getting to a stable and comfortable weight I can enjoy and maintain. I am doing it by eating natural foods, ones whose ingredients I can pronounce with ease, and ones I can't get from a drive through window.


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